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Brian Lüdtke

Brian Lüdtke

Owner and Founder, Dodoma.com

In 2019, the Lüdtke family, with mixed East African and German-American ancestry, purchased the domain name Dodoma.com as a prerequisite and a platform for a powerful promotional site intended not only for the benefit of the capital city of Tanzania, but for that of all the United Republic.

Hot air ballon in Tanzania, East Africa, national park, nature reserve
One of Tanzania's 16 national parks,
which comprise an area of 42,000 km2

Tanzania, which has Africa’s fifth-largest population (and 13th-largest geographic size), shelters a vast array of opportunities in sectors such as the economy, nature preservation, tourism, and cultural enrichment. With roughly 60 million inhabitants and a fertility rate of five children per woman, the country should have the world’s third-largest city and a total population of approximately 300 million citizens by the end of this century (according to U.N. estimates).

A Maasai cattle herd in Tanzania
Maasai cattle herd, Tanzania

We aim to keep the site’s focus fairly general, to attract and keep the interest of all friends of Tanzania. Nature, society, culture, tourism, and current events will all be themes reflected in the site’s content.

As a family project, we will include information related to our own, ongoing discovery of Tanzania.  This results not from conceit nor an exaggerated notion of our family’s especial importance, but from a view toward the capacity of the human element to generate and keep readers’ interest, especially in contrast to a more sterile format.

To ensure maximum inclusiveness and a propriety that aligns with the inherent dignity of its domain, the site will remain purely secular and non-partisan; unattached to any personality cult for whichever party, but also with no resentment nor ill will. 

The site shall uphold the principles enumerated in the Constitution of the United Republic of Tanzania: “freedom, justice, fraternity and concord.” This guiding beacon, this light in an otherwise-dark wasteland, does not admit of any intolerant, hateful, or extremist ideology; on the contrary, the Tanzanian constitution calls us to foster cohesion and unity by exploring pragmatic, proven solutions that might be of use to the Tanzanian people, if they should deem prudent to engage them.

Mount Kilimanjaro, northeast Tanzania

Please, do not hesitate to reach out to us using the contact form or our email address (visible on the contact page.)

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