Muscovite mercenaries rape and pillage in both Ukraine and Africa. I can explain why many Africans nevertheless support the fugitive Putin.

23 March 2023

Putin engages Stalin’s black methods to undo society and impose terror and tyranny.

Russian atrocity against civilians in Ukraine


Brian Luedke, Producer

Putin’s Muscovite mercenaries have committed rape of girls, boys, women, and men — as well as mass murder of villagers — in the Central African Republic (C.A.R.) and in Mali. LEFT: a Wagnerite mercenary in the C.A.R. RIGHT: Victims of Muscovite rape in the C.A.R.

On April 1, April Fool’s Day, Muscovy will take over the rotating chairmanship of the UN Security Council.  Yet even the dysfunctional UN had to acknowledge the widespread atrocities committed by Putin’s Wagner mercenaries in Mali and the Central African Republic.  Journalists from many different countries have observed how these Muscovite bandits rape Africans of all ages and of both sexes.  

Moreover, Muscovy’s illegal invasion of its sovereign neighbor has made food expensive or unattainable, leading to hunger and starvation in Africa and throughout the world.

Given these crimes against humanity, most observers are surprised and confused that Putin — frequently called “Putler” in view of his similarities with Hitler, after all, the dictator is a fugitive from justice, sought by the International Criminal Court (ICC) for genocide and mass kidnapping of children — enjoys relatively high levels of support in Africa, with approximately 40% of Africans expressing support for him, according to a fairly recent survey.

Many of his fans proclaim themselves to be “nationalists” who oppose European imperialism.  Somehow they force themselves not to notice that Moscow is located in Europe and that Muscovite forces are currently committing atrocities against Africans, while working with local warlords to extract natural resources while giving local residents none of the profits and no social services.

This contradiction is not evidence of complete ignorance or Africans’ inability to think logically.  Rather, it proves that the “struggle against imperialism” has nothing at all to do with pro-Muscovite attitudes; rather, it serves as a lame excuse — because the true reasons are too embarrassing to acknowledge.  

Mercenaries of Wagner lie dead in their shallow trench in Ukraine, a sovereign country where they had no legitimate business.  Putin’s henchmen recruit these incompetent invaders from prisons, give them almost no training, and send them into the “meat grinder.” For videos of the Muscovite invaders being massively wiped out in Ukraine, consult the highlighted text (link).

Putin has studied Stalin and imitates his tactics.  This criminal boss knows that to impose Stalinist terror and tyranny, he must systematically deconstruct the elements that form strong societies. 

The pentagonal model conveys the elements of a strong society. It serves as a compass for understanding history, making sense of current events, and predicting the future.  Consult the author’s article of February 12, 2023 for further insight.

Although Stalin and Putin never saw my pentagonal model, they know perfectly well how these elements support and maintain each other to create healthy, vibrant societies.  However, for this sort of psychopathic tyrant, these elements pose the greatest threat to their rule.

Putin begins his mission of destruction, like Lenin and Stalin, by attacking human dignity.  He wants people to feel humiliated and resentful.  Putler needs his puppets to believe that his own enemies have deprived them of their human dignity.  Only Putler can deliver revenge against these common enemies and thereby restore some sense of dignity. 

Many residents of impoverished nations resent wealthy countries for their success.  Citizens in Western democracies — whether literally in the West or geographically elsewhere, e.g., Japan or Australia — enjoy economic opportunities, peaceful transitions of power, and global cultural dominance in fields such as cinema and music.  

Putler wants this envy to ripen into humiliation and ultimately consuming hatred. Using social media and online propaganda, the Muscovites share content aiming to degrade people’s sense of dignity. Conveniently, the messenger of this content also has identified the avenger and deliverer of retribution: the Muscovites themselves.  

Since Westerners care so much about the families of Ukraine, by murdering and enslaving Ukrainians Putler will impose a well-deserved blow on the supposedly arrogant citizens of free countries.  His genocidal terrorism will thus indirectly restore African dignity by humbling the West. (Many in India also share this point of view.)

The Africans (and Indians) supporting Putler know the meaning of a larger country invading its smaller neighbor: a criminal land-grab.  They know Muscovites commit atrocities against Europeans and Africans alike. But because murdering Ukrainian civilians supposedly strikes a blow against wealthy, successful Westerners, they approve.  Psychologically, this “revenge” redeems their degraded sense of their own dignity. 

This is why Putler supporters don’t change their opinion if you cite irrefutable evidence of Muscovite atrocities in Ukraine or Africa.  They want atrocities.  The hollow gibberish about fighting “Western imperialism” is a mere placeholder, a stand-in so they don’t have to admit to themselves that they support crimes against humanity.

Putler’s strikes against liberty and democracy are less nuanced and more obvious.  The Muscovite tyrant collaborates with African warlords and dictators to strip Africa of natural resources to enrich themselves.

Forcing ordinary Africans to remain slaves of criminal regimes robs them of their democratic freedoms; Africans cannot and must not chart their own destiny.

Loyalty and innovation also fall like dominoes.  Serving warlords as slaves, terrorized by arbitrary violence, Africans in Wagnerite areas cannot possibly feel the patriotism felt by a free man in a free country. 

Innovation, other than that of the rapist torturer, is likewise supressed. Who would want to invest in research or education in regions under the sway of Muscovite savagery? 

What is the solution to Putler’s dystopian agenda for Africa and Eurasia? 

Enlightenment, afforded by the pentagonal model.

By upholding human dignity, liberty, democracy, loyalty, and innovation, Africans can obtain sustainable happiness and prosperity.  

The terrorist criminal Putler must be clearly identified as the enemy of Africa.  His psychopathic methods must be exposed and defeated.

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