Freedom and democracy: Ukraine is worth fighting for!

7 November 2021

The emergence of freedom and democracy in Eastern Europe may be the best thing to have happened in the last 30 years.  Will the Free World now passively give up this wonderful accomplishment?



Brian Luedke, Producer

In the Free World, (a.k.a. the West), where are leaders’ forceful demonstrations of absolute support for the sovereignty of the Ukrainian democracy as it faces its eighth year of aggression and occupation at the hands of the Russian kleptocratic dictatorship?

Instead of exhibiting strong leadership and strategic insight, Western leaders seek to de-escalate supposedly separate crises by granting endless concessions and advantages to the tyrant Putin.  

In reality, of course, none of these “crises” are random or unrelated.  They are all engineered by Putin himself, who skillfully imitates the initial successes of Hitler, a previous dictator who managed to intimidate the West for several years before he finally went too far.

The L’Europe family at St. Michael’s Monastery, Kyiv, Ukraine

These missteps have been described before by Kurt Volker, but he neglects to identify the root cause of this sorry performance by Western elected leaders: the sad state of society itself in the West.  

People in free countries devote billions of man-hours to ridiculous conflicts and pursuits, but they totally neglect the most strategic issue of our age: the defense of the largest European country, Ukraine.  (Russia, a Eurasian country, is excluded by the author in this instance.)

Certainly, people have grown soft over the years as families have moved away from rural agriculture and toward urban services.  Why worry about the global struggle of freedom versus tyranny when one can watch a streaming TV show, abuse substances, or watch pornography?

It doesn’t help that totalitarian ideologies and agents of tyrants have largely infiltrated free societies with fake intellectuals, ersatz journalists, and phony human rights activists.  These bad actors sow doubt and cause people to question their patriotism or freedom itself. 

However, an alert and active civil society should have detected and obviated that threat.

The author is here to reveal the hugely important insight that there exists an inherent and inseparable connection between Four Domains: human dignity, human spirit, liberty, and democracy.

If the denizens of the free world cannot take a shot of courage, reassess their values, activate their human spirit, and redouble their efforts to advance the cause of freedom, all four of these domains will continue a steady slide.  

In many different ways, suffering would increase while high-quality happiness fades away.  

However, the author knows that with spiritual force, victory is possible.  The reader has resources to avail the advance of this sacred cause.

There should be thousands of “Defend Ukraine” student clubs across the entire Free World, with one at every campus.

Community organizations should be holding regular meetings, organizing constructive events and protests, and pursuing letter-writing campaigns or social media activism.

Instead of passively waiting for politicians to do the right thing, responsible citizens should be pulling them by the nostrils to help ensure freedom prevails.

Associations of activist intellectuals should aggressively counter false information from misguided or misinformed journalists, who spread Russian propaganda, use double standards, or fail to convey the correct context of Russian aggression.

In short, because of the huge importance of Ukraine, activists should have operations even more vast than those of U.S. Zionist networks.

Crucially, the author notes that the struggle for Ukrainian freedom and democracy is not a fight against the Russian people, but against the tyranny of Moscow and its agents.  

Eventually, all Slavs — and all peoples throughout the world — can benefit from the blessings of freedom and from recognition of the eternal Four Domains.

Stand up!  Speak out!  Organize!  This battle will not win itself!  A confident and spiritual body of free citizens represents the world’s strongest force for peace, brotherhood, and happiness.

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