A Selection from the Lüdtke Collection of African Domain Names

When Tanzania needs financing for a major project, it turns to the African Development Bank, the World Bank, or other external sources of funds.  When the Lüdtke Family needs liquidity to ensure uninterrupted progress with highly-efficient promotion of Tanzania, we sell off a “CountryName.com” domain or another of our ultra-premium dot-com properties. Contact us if you want to make an offer (minimum five-figure USD).

Elephants in Tanzania's national park, safari expedition
Elephants in Tanzania's Kizigo Game Reserve

Unlike a bitcoin, which has zero inherent value despite its price of approximately $8,000 USD, a “CountryName.com” or a “CapitalCity.com” has tremendous intrinsic value, which has only grown for the past 25 years.  It has an obvious utility that can be engaged near-instantaneously: prominent visibility and built-in credibility with users.


Because two countries use the name “Congo,” each of those countries uses a different short-form name.  To the northwest of its homonymous neighbor lies the Republic of the Congo, usually referred to as Congo-Brazzaville.  Most European languages, including English, French, and Spanish, all use the same spelling for “Congo-Brazzaville.” (The larger country is called DR Congo in English, or RD Congo in French.)

President of Congo-Brazzaville at a meeting of African heads of state
The president of Congo-Brazzaville with some of his peers
A beach on the Atlantic coast of Congo-Brazzaville
A beach on the Atlantic coast of Congo-Brazzaville

We have both Congo-Brazzaville.com and CongoBrazzaville.com, because sometimes this name is spelled without the hyphen.  Congo-Brazzaville has a GDP of approximately 10 billion (nominal, current USD).  Searching for the exact phrase “Congo-Brazzaville” on Google News, there are about 175,000 current news stories with that name. (RDCongo.com, LeCongo.com & Congolais.com also available.)


With a large black majority, The Bahamas is a chain of more than 700 islands, boasting a a total land and maritime claim of several hundred thousand square kilometers.  The domain TheBahamas.com was  registered in May 1995, at the dawn of the internet, before many other ultra-premium names. Even Sex.com had not been registered at that time.

Scuba diving in The Bahamas
Scuba diving in The Bahamas
Two couples in The Bahamas enjoy drinks on a pier
Two couples relaxing in The Bahamas

With a GDP of approximately 12 billion USD, The Bahamas is an upper-income country.  English-speaking, The Bahamas has seen rapid growth in its tourism sector.  New, multi-billion dollar projects, such as the vast Baha Mar complex, reflect the country’s appeal for both investors and for its millions of repeat visitors.  Best of all, the dot-com domain is the undisputed king in the Bahamian market, as few companies use the local “.bs” alternative.  (B.S. is an abbreviation for an obscenity.)

12 ultra-premium names


  • lafrique.com

L’Afrique” is French for “Africa.”

  • AfriqueCentrale.com

Central Africa, mostly French-speaking, contains over 150 million people, with one-half billion projected for 2100 (UN).

  • GuineaEcuatorial.com

Guinea Ecuatorial” means “Equatorial Guinea” in Spanish.  This is Africa’s only Spanish-speaking country.  So this is the short form of the name of this oil-rich country in the local language (which is also a global language.)

  • Ivoirien.com

Ivoirien designates the identity and the nationality of Ivory Coast, a francophone nation of 25 million.

  • RDCongo.com

RD Congo” means “DR Congo” in French.  DR Congo (Dem. Rep. of the Congo), Africa’s second-largest country, is French-speaking.  The U.N. projects that DR Congo will have about 380 million people by the year 2100, with the world’s second-largest city: Kinshasa. (Only Nigeria’s Lagos will be bigger; Dar es Salaam will be #3.)

  • Kinois.com

(French noun and adjective) Pertaining to, or a citizen of, Kinshasa, Africa’s largest city, second only to Lagos.  “Kinois” is to Kinshasa what “Roman” is to Rome or what “Parisian” is to Paris.

  • Centrafrique.com

The French short form for what English speakers call “Central African Republic.”

  • AbujaNews.com

Abuja, of course, is the capital of Nigeria, the largest country in Africa by population.

  • LakeKivu.com

Extremely-touristic Lake Kivu (2,700 km2) is one of Africa’s great lakes.  It is especially appreciated for its water, which is safe for swimming; its cool breezes; hills; nearby mountain gorillas; islands; active volcanoes; and methane gas extraction for electricity.

  • Sénégal.com

The correct French spelling, with the accents, “Sénégal” means centuries of culture, history, and growth for this West African country of 15 million.

  • Lomé.com

The correct French spelling, with the accent, “Lomé” means centuries of culture, history, and growth for this West African capital city of approximately two million (no recent census).

  • Haïti.com

The correct French spelling, with the tréma, “Haïti” means centuries of culture, history, and growth for this French and Creole-speaking Caribbean nation, the world’s first black republic (BlackRepublic.com & Ayiti.org also available.)

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