White slaves in the slave market of Algiers on the Barbary Coast

Africa’s white slaves, white refugees, and black colonists

Africa’s White Slaves, White Refugees, & Black Colonists: Five taboo truths  your teachers never mentioned 24 May 2019 Africa’s long history, like that of Eurasia, embraces innumerable transformations and vicissitudes with the passing of the epochs.  The simplistic narrative that we learned as children contains some truth but fails to convey the whole story.  Especially

Scuba diving in The Bahamas

For Sale: TheBahamas.com​ and other top domains

Lüdtke Family Sells Congo-Brazzaville.com & TheBahamas.com 16 May 2019 When Tanzania needs financing for a major project, it turns to the African Development Bank, the World Bank, or other external sources of funds.  When the Lüdtke Family needs liquidity to ensure uninterrupted progress with highly-efficient promotion of Tanzania, we sell off a “CountryName.com” domain or

A teacher in Dodoma, Tanzania

Tanzania Reportedly Lacks 80,000 Teachers

Tanzania Teacher Shortage Reportedly at 80,000 Vacant Posts 15 May 2019 “Education is not a way of escaping poverty, it is a way of fighting it.” Julius Nyerere  “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.“Nelson Mandela Tanzanian schoolgirls enjoy conversation and morning porridge In Parliament this week, Presidential Deputy Minister

Lion Rock, Simba Hill, Dodoma

Dodoma Gets a Ring Road to Enhance Transport

Dodoma Gets Black Africa’s Second Ring Road (Beltway) Government secures 415,000,000,000 TZS (180 million USD) to construct ring road around Tanzania’s capital, Dodoma Dodoma, 11 May 2019 The African Development Bank has granted a loan of 425 billion Tanzanian shillings to finance the construction of 110 kilometers of ring road around Dodoma, the capital of

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